Unicorr Packaging Group is is our living laboratory for working with small and medium sized companies. It is a mid-sized packaging company specializing in corrugated boxes with facilities throughout New England. We started from scratch with a carbon footprint and waste stream analysis in 2010 and have systematically worked since then to include sustainability as a core business practice throughout the company.

For Unicorr, sustainability is the right thing to do while distinguishing the company as best in class and improving financial performance.

  • Carbon and Energy Management: achieved a 13.5% reduction greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product between the 2009 baseline and 2014 performance. 
  • Renewable Energy: will install a 1.3 MW solar array in 2016. 
  • Waste: working towards a goal of nothing in the dumpster. One of the five manufacturing facilities has reduced dumpster pulls by 90% since 2010 with measures that are revenue neutral or positive.
  • Employees: happy and engaged employees are the heart of an organization. We are in the process of training all employees on sustainability and engaging them in a continuous improvement process. We are also creating an employee charity and volunteer program at each of the manufacturing facilities.
  • Brand Management/Sales Team: building on a focusing on in-house transformation, we have begun to work with the sales team to grow the top line through focused business development and increased sales volume.
Working with Metabolic Consulting has been a great experience for our company. They were tasked with creating a sustainability program from scratch for our five manufacturing facilities. Ariana has a great passion for her work and their approach has been effective at all levels of our organization.
— Charles Pious, VP of Sales at Unicorr Packaging Group