Connecting people to themselves, each other, and the world

Motivation and success come from knowing why you are doing something, but most people lack the structure to take a step back and ask this.

"Presenteeism" - showing up for work disengaged with problems like stress, distraction, and health issues - plagues many organizations and costs the American economy $260 billion per year compared with the already staggering $80 billion cost of absenteeism.

We offer frequent classes and develop workshops for individuals and organizations who want a deeper connection to purpose and the benefits that come with it.

  • Climate change and sustainability are the key challenges of our time, and they offer the opportunity to connect the seemingly mundane aspects of an organization's work to society's most pressing needs.

  • Meditation and mindfulness workshops are two of the most effective ways to connect the individual to a sense of purpose while reducing stress and improving productivity and emotional intelligence. Even beginners can reap enormous rewards from this work, and leading companies like Google have launched formal mindfulness programs.

  • Systems thinking is a critical discipline for leaders and innovators that asks them to draw on personal mastery to navigate a complex world.


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