Miya's Sushi is one of the best sustainable seafood restaurants in the U.S., and in our opinion, the most delicious. Its owner and chef, Bun Lai, works to create an experience that is nourishing to the whole person and to the community. Together, we have worked to improve sustainability throughout their operations and explore the potential for regenerative eating. Our work together has included:

  • Expanding supply chain standards beyond tradition elements to include indicators for community engagement and awesomeness.*
  • Greening operations to compost organic waste, eliminate take-out containers, and increase energy-efficiency.
  • Engaging customers in the full life cycle of their food.
  • Public speaking and conferences including University of Connecticut, the Boston International Seafood Show and Wesleyan University.
  • Local and wild foraging: working with Connecticut farms and exploring aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems for novel foods.
We’ve been one of the top sustainable seafood restaurants for nearly a decade. Working with Metabolic Consulting has helped us up our game internally and frame our public outreach at the leading edge of sustainability - toward regeneration and resilience.
— Bun Lai, Owner and Chef

*Awesomeness indicates the potential to inspire a customer. For ingredients at Miya's, this encompasses storytelling, regenerative ecosystem impact, and a being an essential component of a unique dish.


A supply chain visualization of environmental and social impacts of the seafood served at Miya's